Dubai-based Meteora Developers has officially announced its acquisition of the prestigious England Champions cricket team. The announcement was made in a dazzling ceremony held at Taj Downtown, Dubai, attended by key figures including former England captain Ian Bell and Bollywood icon Jacqueline Fernandez, who joined forces with Meteora Developers in this monumental venture.

The strategic acquisition propels the England Champions into the coveted World Championships of Legends (WCL), marking a significant chapter in the franchise's history. The glitzy event saw the convergence of cricketing excellence and cinematic glamour, symbolizing the intersection of sports and entertainment.

Harshit Tomar, CEO of WCL, warmly welcomed Meteora Developers and the England Champions into the WCL family, expressing high expectations for the collaboration. "This partnership promises to bring innovation and excitement to cricket, setting new benchmarks for excellence," remarked Tomar, reflecting the anticipation surrounding the union.

Founder and CEO of Meteora Developers, Praveen Sharma, exuded enthusiasm about the association with WCL and outlined ambitious goals for the England Champions. "Our entry into the World Championships of Legends is a pivotal moment for us. With cricketing greats like Ian Bell on our team, we're poised to build a legacy that will captivate and inspire English fans globally. This is just the start of a thrilling journey," Sharma declared, hinting at a promising future for the franchise.

Meanwhile, Toyam Sports shares, which began the trading session at Rs 6.49 per share on Friday, by afternoon trading, the shares were up 2.71% at Rs 6.45. The uptick in stock value followed discussions within the board regarding the initial investment plan, centered on acquiring equity shares of a private limited firm associated with the ambitious venture.

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