In the movies of all Disney movies, the story of a little girl under the ocean falling in love with a guy who lives above the water is perhaps a tale that's absolutely special. The Little Mermaid's 1989 animated version is one of the most underrated Disney movie of all time. The visuals, colours, the songs all just worked together in sync to create a masterpiece. So when Disney announced they are reprising the film as a live-action adaptation, some eyes rolled with a long drawn 'why?'. Fortunately, when Halle Bailey was announced as the lead face as Ariel, there was some excitement and a sigh of relief. 

In the 2023 live-action version of The Little Mermaid, the makers have gone all out to ensure each and every character has been given ample footage. The VFX used to show Ariel's tail, the scales on her body glistening as she rises up, the myriad of colors that reflect the sunlight in the ocean, all of these elements are just superb. If you have watched the 1989 version, then certain scenes are almost a mirror image. Melissa McCarthy who's often cast as a comic character, has been given a makeover as the menacing villain Ursula and have to say she sadly falls short of the mark in her performance.    The music is a definite highlight of the film with Halle showing off her vocals as she impeccably hits those high notes. Being a professional singer has definitely helped her give Ariel that extra edge. Where the film falters though is on the emotional connect. The CGI and special effects are visually dazzling, but on paper the screenplay lacks depth.    READ | Janhvi Kapoor cuts gigantic The Little Mermaid cake with her tiny fans! See pics   The Little Mermaid is a visual treat. The songs are great, the scenes between Ariel and Flounder (Jacob Tremblay), Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) and Scuttle (Awkafina) are top notch. If you love Halle's music and a good Disney musical, then you are in for an enchanting dive under water.   ALSO READ | Janhvi Kapoor steps into the world of The Little Mermaid, looks magnificent as Princess Ariel. Watch

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