Adarsh and Mansi, a young couple, approached us with a very different kind of project—they wanted an entire home dedicated only to entertainment, rest and relaxation. They already have a home in the same building on a lower floor, where they stay with their two young children. So, they wanted a space that was separate from the family home where they could entertain friends, get in a workout or watch a movie. This project came to us in the thick of lockdown 1.0. While we had a completely free reign to do whatever we wanted with the space, we had to adhere to its primary purpose—to make room for fun, entertainment and relaxation.

Decoding the Decor

The living space has accents of sage green with a colour burst rug from Jaipur Rugs and furniture from Maanvi Homes. Large chandeliers from Moooi hang from the ceiling, and there is extensive shelving to accommodate the clients' large collection of books. The most important part of this space is a home office area, with sliding folding doors that open and close for privacy when needed. Mansi is a renowned psychotherapist and uses this space for her sessions with her clients, so privacy is a must. The kitchen is a bright, shiny blue with custom cabinetry and there are two bedrooms, each meant for guests whenever they would like to stay. A long passage area is accentuated by an archway, while tiled flooring from Bharat flooringsties the entire home together.

The Layout

As you enter, an entrance vestibule welcomes you while shielding the rest of the space from prying eyes. This area divides the home into two halves. One side there is the enterainment area, the home office, the powder room and the bar and dining space. On the other side, you find the home gym, guest washroom and bedroom and the kitchen.

A Vibrant, Hue Haven

We have used many colours in the space; I think we have used almost every colour on the spectrum but tried to tie it all together with white walls and a sage green bookcase. Since Mansi needed a therapy area, we placed the sliding folding doors that block off the living area from the home office cum therapy room. The best part? Even though there are all kinds of colours and textures going through the space the home harmoniously blends together.


Location: Kolkata

Clients: Adarsh and Mansi Tulshan

Area: 2,000 sq ft

Design Team: Sarah Sham, Nikhil Makwana, Vishal Mehta

Design studio: Essajees Atelier

Principal designer: Sarah Sham

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