On World Music Day, singer Amit Mishra takes a moment to reflect on his journey in the world of music. Known for his dynamic voice and performances, he has carved a niche for himself in the busy Bollywood music scene.

Amit’s foray into music began with a selection by his school teacher for the school choir. This early introduction to structured musical education laid the groundwork for his future success. "Firstly, my schoolteacher was a significant inspiration. They selected me for the school choir, where I began learning music properly. Music itself is a profound inspiration, especially listening to the legends who have created timeless music and left a lasting legacy. Music is a divine feeling for me," he states.

The singer’s inspirations span across generations of musical greats. "Some of my biggest influences include Kishore Kumar, Rafi Saahab, Manna Dey Sir, Nusrat Saahab, Mahendra Kapoor Saahab, and Jagjit Singh Sir. These artistes have greatly influenced me. Among the living legends, Pritam Da, Anu Malik Sir, and Kalyanji-Anandji are significant influences," he shares. These influences have been pivotal in shaping his musical sensibilities and career.

Throughout his career, Amit has amassed a collection of memorable experiences that highlight his growth and passion for music. One of his favorite memories involves a recent project with director Kabir Khan, featuring the talented Kartik Aryan, with music composed by Pritam Da. "After delivering the song I messaged Pritam Da late at night, requesting another take because I felt I could improve. Despite the hour, Pritam Da, who is incredibly hardworking, responded instantly, encouraging me to re-record if I felt it necessary. However, he assured me the initial takes were excellent and had already been sent for mastering," he recounts.

Another milestone in Amit’s career was his first official playback song for Vikram Bhatt’s "1920: Evil Returns," with the track "Majboor Tu Bhi Kaha." The recording sessions were filled with playful pranks and a midnight recording schedule, making the experience unforgettable. "The team played numerous horror pranks at the studio, recording the song at midnight, making the experience quite amusing," he says, laughing.

Additionally, his work on "Teri Saanson Mein" was a challenging yet rewarding endeavour. "The effort paid off as the song was well-received and loved by many," he notes.

Looking ahead, Amit is optimistic about the future of the music industry, especially with the rise of digital platforms and the emergence of new genres. "The future is bright like always and the music industry is doing brilliant, producing good songs. People love Bollywood music a lot and the rise of digital platforms has now become a global stage for all musicians. New genres like hip-hop, rap, and jazz, along with their fusions, are gaining popularity," he observes.

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