Mrighdeep Singh Lamba's Fukrey franchise has always been known for Hunni and Choocha's bizarre business ideas, buffoonery and situational comedy. The first film - Fukrey- came out almost a decade back and continues to be one of the most genuinely funny films of recent times. It was followed with Fukrey Returns which tried to maintain the same template but did not create as great an impact as the first one did. Making a third part in a successful franchise comes with its own challenges. It has to match up to its successful prequel and maintain the same fun element. While Lamba and the cast of Fukrey 3 manage to create the same backdrop of buffoonery, the director also manages to make a commentary on an important issue. 

The film begins with a recap of the incidents from the previous two films in a song format right when the credit roll begins. Hunni and Choocha continue to be the good-for-nothing fellas who are still earning money off Choocha's bizarre premonitions. They also run an electronic store with Pandit (Pankaj Sharma) and Laali (Manjot Singh) which is not doing good business. 

Meanwhile, Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadha) is now hobnobbing with the influential people of the city and contesting for state elections. She is eyeing the Water Department post-win and takes the help of Hunni and the gang to gather the crowd. During the campaign, Choocha steals Bholi's thunder naturally and Hunni decides to make Choocha contest elections against Bholi much to her discontent. Amid elections and a surprise trip to South Africa, Hunni and Choocha realise they have a new talent that they can leverage and earn more money. Will they use it to win the elections forms the rest of the story.

Varun Sharma who uses a lot of physical comedy to play the naive idiot Choocha gets the meaty role in the film. The role has catapulted him to stardom right from the first film and Sharma is rather comfortable playing the character and its bizarre ways. The film also has Tripathi delivering the best lines. In fact, Fukrey 3 has all the elements of the first two films and I found myself laughing out loud occasionally at the buffoonery being played out by the characters. But while all the actors - Tripathi, Chadha, Sharma, Singh, and Samrat - reprise their characters to the hilt, the comedy itself becomes repetitive after a point. So much so that you get a sense of Deja chu vu after a point of time that you have seen these jokes being played before. 

Just when you are about to write off the repetitive humour, writer Vipul Vig gives a moralistic approach to the comedy of errors and makes a social commentary on the growing urban landscape and the scarcity of water. The twist comes after dollops of toilet humour but still manages to uplift the meandering pace of the comedy. 

Fukrey 3 ultimately is a middling affair with certain predictable scenes and certain laugh-out-loud moments. Watch out for Fazal's cameo which gives hope for the fourth installment in the franchise. But then, do we really need another story of the Fukras and their tried and tested style of comedy? 



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