• I had been wanting a better way to ease into the start of my week and avoid Sunday scaries.
  • I started going to a sound bath meditation to promote mental calmness.

You've probably heard about Sunday scaries or Sunday blues. It's that anxiety that takes over as the weekend ends and the reality of the week that's about to start sinks in.

Anyone — yes, even those who passionately love their careers — can feel some stress about the upcoming workweek. Myself included. I sometimes fret over an email on my to-do list or stress about an upcoming business call, which makes for a less-than-rejuvenating sleep and start of my week.

This year, I wanted a better way to ease into the workweek. Enter sound bath meditation. Some say the guided practice, which features gentle sound vibrations and a soft crystal bowl, promotes a sense of well-being and mental calmness.

Trying a sound bath yoga session

It's unclear exactly how sound baths originated, but many believe that sound therapy is rooted in centuries of similar practices — with most applications originating in Greek, Egyptian, and Tibetan culture. While sound-based wellness isn't a new concept, contemporary classes could offer a new application for the digital-age stresses of modern life.

The benefits of a sound bath meditation can include relaxation, reduced stress, and better sleep. My goal was physical relaxation and a clear head before Monday morning, and the afternoon restorative yoga session fit the bill.

After browsing a handful of in-person classes and YouTube tutorials, New York City's Humming Puppy yoga studio particularly spoke to me. I had booked a handful of yoga classes at the studio beforehand, but I now felt challenged to enter with a new intention.

When the lights began to dim, the instructor led our group through a series of slow-moving poses. Through these gentle suggestions, I envisioned myself being bathed entirely in the room's slight "hum." When the yoga sequence concluded, the instructor played a few tones on the studio's crystal bowls — the final "sound bath" portion of the class. While my mind typically wanders during silent meditation, the constant "hum" and singing bowls focused my thoughts.

Eliminating other distractions, however, is the one thing I would've changed about my experience. In the hustle and bustle of the day, I had forgotten to eat a snack and properly hydrate before the reservation. I also couldn't help notice my growling stomach (likely, as well as the person on the mat next to me).

The toughest part, however, was finally emerging from the final pose and walking out to the studio's well-lit lobby. The blissfulness of purposeful rest followed me into the rest of the night, nonetheless.

And while it didn't completely ease my pre-Monday worries, I noticed a feeling of calm and groundedness followed me into the week.

Taking the relaxation into my week

It's difficult to say whether that focused yoga session completely cured my Sunday blues, but I did feel that opening my laptop on Monday morning was a bit easier. I noticed that my mind was much clearer, while creativity flowed with greater ease. In the weeks since I've now incorporated a miniature version of that restorative practice into my weekend routine.

Whenever my Sundays are a bit too busy for a full yoga session, I'll still plan a few minutes of quiet meditation at home. Spotify playlists don't offer the same physical vibrations and live sound as the studio, but recordings of crystal singing bowls are still a fantastic way to calm those buzzing thoughts about work.

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