Get ready for a laugh riot with upcoming series ‘Wrong Milanti’, directed by Joydip Banerjee. The soon-to-be-streamed series will narrate the story of Surya, a guy who is desperate to get married. But until now, all his prospective marriage alliances got cancelled because of his best friend Shaon. The latter is a single guy and seems to have no wish to get married. That’s not all, Shaon doesn’t want Surya to get married either.

Meanwhile, police officer Cornel Sengupta has been facing hurdles to find a suitable guy for his daughter Hiya. She keeps rejecting every guy because of lame reasons and doesn't want to settle down so soon.

Incidentally, Surya’s family receives Hiya’s wedding proposal. Surya is desperate to make this work. Until now, all his 67 wedding proposals got cancelled because of buddy Shaon. And Surya is not ready to lose his 68th opportunity to get married. But things aren’t easy when Shaon is also present in the story.

Surya visits Hiya’s place and initially thinks her sister Jhilik is the prospective bride. He starts liking Jhilik only to learn that Hiya is the girl whom his family wants him to marry. He immediately shifts his concentration to Hiya but she is not interested in getting married. Making things more complicated, Shaon looks for an opportunity to talk to Hiya-Surya's proposed marriage. But this time, Shaon faces an unusual hurdle on his way when. He falls for Hiya.

What happens to Surya, whether he finally gets married or stays single like Patrakar Popatlal from hugely popular TV show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’, and what happens to mastermind Shaon, who falls in love for the first time, makes the major crux of the story.

The series will stream on a popular OTT platform and star Sandeep Bhattacharya, Sabuj Bardhan, Durbar Sharma, Piya Debnath, Disha Bhattacharya and Ujjaini Deb.

Director Joydip is hopeful that ‘Wrong Milanti’ will woo the audience with its comedy quotient. Speaking about the project, he says, “I am from Chalsa, North Bengal. I always wanted to narrate a story that has a flavour of North Bengal, but not from the prospective of people of those who from elsewhere. Rather, it would be our story. The characters of this story are from Kurseong, Shiliguri and Jalpaiguri.”

He wanted to bring back the magic of light-hearted comedy just like ‘Basanta Bilas’, ‘Golpo Holeo Sotti’. Joydip adds, “After working for a while, I realised that we are missing the comedy, laughter and fun-quotient in Bengali cinema. We still miss the pure comedy in movies directed by eminent directors like Tarun Majumder, Tapan Sinha and I wanted to bring that back.”

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