We are just a day away from finding out who the America’s Got Talent 2023 winner is. The winner will be taking $ 1 million home and netizens can’t wait to know who will be the winner. Audiences are rooting for their favourites and are voting them non-stop. Last night episodes showed 11 power-packed performances of the contestants, with everyone giving one-another a tough competition.

Judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofía Vergara were stunned with the amazing performances as well realising that every contestant here deserves to be in the running to win the show. With a lot of wait and excitement the host and the judges informed the audience that they will be announcing the winner of the show after 24 hours.

The 11 finalists competing for America’s votes are: singer Lavender Darcangelo, dog act Adrian Stoica and Hurricane, synchronized dance group Murmuration, comedian Ahren Belisle, chorale group Mzansi Youth Choir, singer Putri Ariani, shadow dance group Chibi Unity, magician Anna DeGuzman, chorale group 82nd Airborne Chorus, acrobatic duo Ramadhani Brothers and wildcard dance group Avantgardey.

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From Chibi Unity’s breathtaking act to Lavender Darcangelo’s mesmerising performance to Adrian Stoica and Hurricane’s emotional act dedicating to their mentor, the latest episode was full of entertainment. The judges enjoyed the acts and gave them the feedback.

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