In a remarkable turn of events for the Malayalam film industry, '2018,' also recognized as '2018: Everyone is a Hero,' has grabbed the prestigious title of India's official entry to the 2024 Oscars. The movie, which revolves around a powerful narrative set against the backdrop of a devastating flood, has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. However, looking back at the film's journey, director Jude Anthany Joseph shared some intriguing insights during an exclusive interview with ETimes.

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Jude Anthany Joseph revealed that when he initially conceived the idea of '2018,' he faced skepticism from many quarters. The notion of crafting a cinematic masterpiece around the theme of floods was met with doubt and uncertainty. It was a moment when nobody believed that such a project could be pulled off by him.


However, amidst these challenges, actor Tovino Thomas stepped in and made a significant difference. He expressed unwavering faith in the film by blocking his dates, setting the wheels of '2018' into motion. Moreover, the film's producer also showed immense trust in Jude Anthany's creative vision.

Jude Anthany also said exclusively that Tovino Thomas was very sure about the success of the movie and the only word he said to him while blocking the dates was, “Chetta, this film could create history, so put your best.”

Jude Anthany Joseph also recalled the moment when Tovino Thomas saw the first cut of the film. His joy and satisfaction were palpable, as he assured the director that audiences would leave the theaters with full hearts after witnessing the film's emotionally charged narrative.

'2018' stands not only as a remarkable cinematic achievement but also as a testament to the power of belief, collaboration, and unwavering determination in the face of hardships.

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