John Beasley has died at the age of 79.

The actor was best known for his roles in 'Everwood' and 'The Soul Man' but passed away on Tuesday (31.05.23) after his health took an "unexpected turn for the worst" and he ended up in hospital following a test on his liver, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

His son Mike wrote in a Facebook statement: "Man...you know this is a part of life...but that doesn't make it any easier. I lost my best friend today. They say you shouldn't ever meet your heroes because they don't turn out to be who you thought they were. That is so wrong. My hero was my father. Thank you for everything. I hope I made you proud. Love you more."

The veteran actor is also survived by his wife Judy - who he married almost 60 years ago - as well as their other son Tyrone.

Shortly before his death, the 'Mighty Ducks' star - who started his career at the age of 45 after working as a railroad man for several years - had returned to the stage with a role in the Broadway adaptation of 'The Notebook' and explained at the time that despite the prestige of The Great White Way, he was "appreciated" being a working actor.

He told American Theatre: "That Broadway comes at this age—I guess that’s par for my course. I think it’s the ultimate validation of my acting career. Broadway’s always been that vision. I’m told it’s life-changing.. To be a working artist is the highest calling, and I appreciate wherever it takes me. If I never got to Broadway, I would still feel I’ve had a pretty successful career.

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