FromSoftware took a bit of a gamble with Elden Ring. Although the Dark Souls series had developed quite a cult following, some people were skeptical that the creators could replicate the franchise's success in an open-world setting. Thankfully, all that skepticism and doubt subsided once the anticipated release hit store shelves. Elden Ring managed to surpass expectations for many, developing a massive following and standing firm as one of the best titles that FromSoftware has ever created.

It's a lengthy adventure, and players can spend countless hours exploring the vast reaches of The Lands Between. However, once they have finished the release, the Tarnished might find themselves craving something similar that they can sink their teeth into. Here's a look at some of the best games with Elden Ring vibes, whether they be open-world style releases, or simply titles that offer players immense challenge and entertainment value.

Updated July 9, 2024 by Mark Sammut: Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree has been out for about three weeks, and the DLC is (unsurprisingly) fantastic. Once players are done with the expansion, they might want to try some games like Elden Ring. To simplify that process, pros and cons have been added to each recommendation.

The Dark Souls Series

Setting The Stage For Elden Ring

  • Dark SoulsDark Souls 2Dark Souls 3
    Platform(s)PS3, Switch, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox OnePS3, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox OnePS4, PC, Xbox One
    Developer(s)From SoftwareFrom SoftwareFrom Software
    Genre(s)Action RPGAction RPGAction RPG

Those who have played Elden Ring but haven't yet been through the Dark Souls series need to put it at the top of their list. This is perhaps the closest experience to Elden Ring in terms of gameplay and combat, though it's not nearly as open-world as FromSoftware's latest offering. That said, the worlds offered in the Dark Souls saga are just as dark, foreboding, and vastly imaginative as some of The Lands Between. Players that enjoy the gritty aesthetic of Elden Ring's dungeons, castles, and catacombs, will find themselves right at home.

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The Dark Souls series pioneered the formula found in Elden Ring, meaning players will already be familiar with the idea of resting at particular areas to level their character up, as well as the weapons and armor systems found throughout each game. While exploration plays a part, Dark Souls does generally guide players in one direction, especially during their first playthroughs. In terms of boss fights, each game knocks its roster out of the park, delivering fights that are memorable, challenging, and unique. Even Dark Souls 2, the black sheep of the franchise, is worth a playthrough.


FromSoftware's Gothic Soulslike Masterpiece

Platform(s) PS4
Released March 24, 2015
Developer(s) From Software
Genre(s) Action, RPG
  • Fast-Paced & Satisfying Combat
  • Victorian Gothic Setting
  • Quality Over Quantity Weapon Selection
  • Loot Is Not That Exciting
  • Performance Can Be Inconsistent At Times

Some of the enemies and NPCs found in Elden Ring are a bit grotesque in their appearance. There are some aspects of The Lands Between that are teeming with otherworldly horrors or afflicted with a sickness of sorts. Although it's unique in its own right, it's not the first time that FromSoftware has explored visually unsavory things. The horror-infused aspects of Elden Ring are reminiscent of Bloodborne's Gothic imagery, another Soulslike release from the developer.

Bloodborne is a much darker release than Elden Ring, more akin to Dark Souls in its punishing world design. Players will tangle with a wide array of powerful and horrific bosses as they make their way through corrupted areas filled with gorgeous architecture. As great as most of FromSoftware's non-open-world Soulslike projects are, Bloodborne arguably presents the strongest case for being the developer's masterpiece. Prioritizing fast-paced and aggressive combat, the game starts strong and never lets up, including a fantastic expansion that is just as much of a must-play as the base content.

Rise Of The Ronin

Team Ninja's Take On An Open-World

Rise of the Ronin
Platform(s) PS5
Released March 22, 2024
Developer(s) Team Ninja
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Team Ninja's Combat System Is Impeccable
  • Open-World (Not Brilliant, But Fits The Gameplay Well)
  • So Much Loot
  • Combat Styles
  • Maybe Too Much Loot
  • Surprisingly Story Driven...And Not That Great

Team Ninja has spent the last decade carving out its own identity in the Soulslike subgenre. Similar to FromSoftware, the developer eventually decided to try to implement its rock-solid combat into an open-world, resulting in 2024's Rise of the Ronin. Launching on the same day as Dragon's Dogma 2, Team Ninja's release was overshadowed by Capcom's game; however, out of the two releases, Rise of the Ronin is arguably a stronger pick for Elden Ring fans.

Now, it should be said that the game's open-world design has more in common with projects like Assassin's Creed or Horizon Zero Dawn than FromSoftware's release, so players will largely spend their time clearing markers from the map. Looking beyond that, Rise of the Ronin offers an accessible Soulslike gameplay loop that is deep and satisfying. The combat focuses heavily on parrying and traversal, making for a fast-paced system that does not lack variety due to an respectable range of weapon types. Customization is a big part of Rise of the Ronin's identity, granting players the freedom to morph equipment to suit their fancy.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild & Tears Of The Kingdom

Expansive Open-World That Emphasizes Player Freedom

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
    Platform(s)Nintendo Wii U, SwitchSwitch
    Developer(s)Nintendo EPDNintendo
    Genre(s)Action, AdventureAdventure

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wasn't responsible for starting the open-world genre, but it helped to redefine it. Nintendo's epic adventure showcased Hyrule and all of its inhabitants in an entirely expanded way, letting players experience the world of Link and his trials as they see fit. If someone enjoys the freedom of exploring The Lands Between, they will really enjoy making their way through Nintendo's massive and unrestricted sandbox. Although the combat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't nearly as punishing as what's found in Elden Ring, it can still be pretty challenging.

Tears of the Kingdom, BOTW's sequel, is not too far removed from its predecessor. The game takes place in the same iteration of Hyrule, albeit one that is in the process of rebuilding itself. Although populated with a few settlements, the open-world is still rather desolate. TOTK is generally a harder game than BOTW, although its fusion system encourages players to experiment with all the tools at their disposal.

Stellar Blade

Way More Than Just A Pretty Face

Stellar Blade
Platform(s) PS5
Released April 26, 2024
Developer(s) Shift Up
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Combat Blends Hack And Slash & Soulslike
  • Fashion Customization
  • Semi-Open World
  • Story Is Pretty Weak

Going by its pre-demo marketing, one would have been forgiven for believing that Stellar Blade's only offering was an attractive protagonist; however, Shift Up also happened to put together a wonderful action RPG. Cast as one of humanity's remaining soldiers tasked with protecting Earth from the Naytibas, Stellar Blade shines in a few specific areas: combat, fashion, and exploration.

The former is, ultimately, the RPG's strongest selling point and the best chance it has to keep players interested throughout the very long campaign. Similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Lies of P, Stellar Blade emphasizes dodging and parrying, both of which are linked to unique attacks that reward mastery of these systems. The game features an impressive selection of enemy types and bosses, shaking things up consistently to ensure there is always something new on the horizon. Even though Eve mostly fights with the same blade, upgrade options and secondary weapons help add some variety as well; that said, loot is not as expansive as Elden Ring.

Perhaps surprisingly, Stellar Blade has quite a few wide open areas that emphasize exploration, and these sections can feel similar to The Lands Between. More importantly, Eve has a lot of costumes that all look great.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Mountain-Size Bosses & Grim Setting

Shadow of the Colossus
Platform(s) PS3, PS4, PS2
Released October 18, 2005
Developer(s) Bluepoint Games, JapanStudio, Team Ico
Genre(s) Adventure
  • Impeccable Atmosphere
  • Larger-Than-Life Bosses

Many of the bosses found in Elden Ring are imposing and a handful stand as towering giants. Those who love the aesthetic and challenge of fighting these super-sized creatures can turn to Shadow of the Colossus after their Elden Ring adventure. It's pretty linear, with players taking down colossal creatures in a specific order, but the areas and creatures are gritty, much like the foes found in The Lands Between.

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Shadow of the Colossus is much more of a boss gauntlet than an explorative adventure, but players who enjoy learning the ins and outs of combat and striking down towering enemies should enjoy this gem. While Team Ico's 2005 original is a classic, the 2018 remake is the best entry point for new players as it comes with a notable performance boost, something that is an issue with its PS2-bound predecessor (although the remaster is fine too).

Nioh Series

Intense Combat That Is (Generally) More Fast-Paced Than Elden Ring

  • NiohNioh 2
    Platform(s)PS5, PS4, PCPS5, PS4, PC
    Developer(s)Team NinjaTeam Ninja
    Genre(s)Action RPGAction RPG

Team Ninja has been enamored with Soulslikes for the last half a decade, and the developer has produced some of the subgenre's most memorable and hardest games. While Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an easy recommendation for fans of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the company's strongest Soulslikes projects are the Nioh games. Both titles are incredible in their own right, and although they are definitely cut from the same cloth, they do have enough differences for them to stand out on their own.

The original Nioh follows William Adams as he goes on a supernatural-laced adventure through the final few years of Feudal Japan. Despite role-playing as a specific samurai, Nioh provides players with a fair amount of customization options when it comes to weapons and Guardian Spirits. Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden background shines through Nioh's combat, which is considerably more fast-paced than FromSoftware's typical outings. The sequel builds on many of its predecessor's strongest features, while also introducing a player-created character.

Nioh does not offer Elden Ring's open-world exploration, but they do deliver fantastic action, deep mechanics that have a steep learning curve, and thrilling boss fights that rank among the best in the Soulslike sphere.

Star Wars Jedi Games

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
    Platform(s)Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, PC, Stadia, Xbox OneXbox Series X, PS5, PC
    Developer(s)Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
    Genre(s)Action, AdventureSoulslike, Action-Adventure

EA and Respawn took a jab at the Soulslike genre through the Star Wars Jedi series, which consists of two games that rank among the sci-fi franchise's best efforts. As Cal Kestis, players travel to different planets in the cosmos, all the while trying to stay ahead of the Galactic Empire. The games blend exploration, platforming, and action quite well, which makes sense as the individual planets are framed after classic Metroidvania projects. Consequently, Cal gradually expands his moveset, granting him access to new areas along the way.

There is a lot to love about both Fallen Order and Survivor. They tell pretty good stories that build on each other well, and they do admirable jobs of bringing to life one of the most beloved universes in fiction. While not full-blown open-worlds, the individual planets are quite large, particularly in Survivor. The combat is, arguably, the weakest element of these games as it can lack precision at times; however, Respawn still created some of the best lightsaber action in gaming.

Devil May Cry 5

Awesome Boss Fights, Three Gameplay Styles

Devil May Cry 5
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One
Released March 8, 2019
Developer(s) Capcom
Genre(s) Action
  • Stellar Hack And Slash Combat
  • Three Completely Different Battle Systems
  • Epic Boss Fights
  • Nothing Like A Soulslike

Now, Devil May Cry is, obviously, a very different game than Elden Ring. If a player is specifically craving open-world exploration and a wide assortment of build opportunities, they will need to look elsewhere; however, if someone is craving intense and impressive boss fights alongside addictive combat, they cannot do much better than Capcom's license. Except for DMC 2 and DmC, all entries in the franchise are fantastic, and DMC and DMC 3 even have an element of Metroidvania exploration since they primarily take place in a single (massive) location. In comparison, DMC 4 and DMC 5 follow fairly straightforward linear paths, with very little room for maneuverability.

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Devil May Cry has always prioritized combat above everything, and nearly all the entries have their positives. However, DMC 5 shakes things up by including three playable characters in the base version, all of whom play completely differently from each other. This ensures that the combat never gets too repetitive or dull, although the latter might as well be impossible due to the game's fast-paced action, well-designed enemies, and sense of style.

Dante alone uses arguably one of the most complex and complete combat systems in gaming, allowing players to switch styles on the fly that alter the character's moveset. That is before taking into account his assortment of iconic and wacky weapons that are a blast to master.

Hollow Knight

2D Metroidvania Masterpiece With Soulslike Combat

Hollow Knight
Platform(s) Switch, PS4, PC, macOS, Linux, Xbox One
Released February 24, 2017
Developer(s) Team Cherry
Genre(s) Metroidvania
  • Lore
  • Challenging & Great Combat
  • So Much Content

Hollow Knight is solid proof that Indie games can be just as engrossing, challenging, and entertaining as AAA releases. Those looking for a fantastic (and sometimes frustrating) 2D adventure through a dark enemy-filled world should check out this epic from Team Cherry. A sidescrolling release, Hollow Knight makes great use of smooth platforming mechanics and upgrades in a Metroidvania styling, forcing players to explore their surroundings to find new skills and items to progress further into the Hallownest.

There's a beautiful, haunting, and strife-filled world to be found in Hollow Knight, similar to what players will experience in Elden Ring. Although the combat isn't as over-the-top thanks to the 2D styling, it's still incredibly satisfying and quite challenging as players progress.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Action RPG That Prioritizes Combat Over Story

Dragon's Dogma 2
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC
Released March 22, 2024
Developer(s) Capcom
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Vocation System
  • Pawn System
  • Combat
  • Quite Linear

2012's Dragon's Dogma is a cult classic, and nothing more than that. Just to be clear, Capcom created a solid action RPG that holds up pretty well and is still worth playing today. Nevertheless, its relatively niche status means its much more inescapable sequel will likely attract plenty of new players, some of whom might go in expecting something very similar to Elden Ring. Although a worthwhile option for fans of FromSoftware's open-world masterpiece, Dragon's Dogma 2 is an entirely different beast that does not share too many direct parallels with Elden Ring.

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For one, Capcom's sequel is not Soulslike, despite not being far removed from that subgenre. Dragon's Dogma 2's open-world is divided into paths designed to guide players through the map and main missions. Exploration is still encouraged and fun, but it is not as open of a sandbox as Elden Ring or older titles like Skyrim. For all its differences, Dragon's Dogma 2 shines in many of the same areas as FromSoftware's best projects. The combat system is flexible, deep, and incredibly satisfying. While the variety could be better, the game has a great selection of enemies that pack an incredible punch, especially since they often attack in mobs. The vocation system presents many build avenues, and it is enhanced by the ability to craft Pawns as support companions. Simply surviving in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a challenge, and the RPG expects players to truly master its systems.

No Rest For The Wicked

Punishing Isometric Action RPG

No Rest for the Wicked
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC
Developer(s) Moon Studios
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Isometric Twist On Soulslike Combat
  • Dark Fantasy World
  • Early Access (Not A Negative, But Worth Highlighting)

Do not be misled by the screenshots – No Rest for the Wicked has more in common with Elden Ring than Diablo. While not completely unheard of, isometric Soulslike games are surprisingly rare, especially ones that have an aesthetic similar to classic action RPGs. In early access at the moment, No Rest for the Wicked is already an exciting prospect, with the available content showcasing finely-tuned combat, an immersive dark fantasy world, and a few survival-style mechanics that help separate the project from other titles.

Moon Studios drops players on Socra, an island running on fumes and desperation due to a creature-creating plague. Unsurprisingly, players will mostly spend their time fighting off these entities, most of which pack a considerable punch. Furthermore, No Rest for the Wicked tries hard to reduce the change of overpowered builds, including the incorporation of weapon degradation and disposable health items.


An Early Soulslike Attempt To Go Open-World

Platform(s) Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One
Released December 7, 2018
Developer(s) A44 Games
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Respectable Attempt At An Open-World Soulslike
  • A More Accessible Option

An indie attempt at crafting a Soulslike experience, Ashen was A44's first project, and the company did a great job replicating FromSoftware's formula. The 2018 game undeniably wears its influence loud and proud, to the point that its combat system feels almost identical to Dark Souls and, by extension, Elden Ring. While not the most original, Ashen's gameplay is still a lot of fun.

The RPG's most eye-catching feature is its art style. Ashen opts for cel-shaded visuals, which are a surprisingly perfect fit for the Soulslike genre. Although nowhere near as open or expansive as Elden Ring, A44's project takes place in an open-world that presents players with a fair amount of freedom when it comes to exploration. Ashen is more open than most Soulslikes on the market, and it is among the easier games to fit this mold.

Lies Of P

More Bloodborne Than Elden Ring, But Still Awesome

Lies of P
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One
Released September 19, 2023
Developer(s) Round8 Studio, Neowiz
Genre(s) Soulslike
  • Great Fairy Tale Setting & Concept
  • Pretty Consistent Boss Fights
  • Bloodborne-Esque Combat

Admittedly, Lies of P is a better shout for fans of Bloodborne since the game takes obvious inspiration from that FromSoftware masterpiece, but it is nevertheless a must-play for anyone remotely interested in the Soulslike genre. Using Pinocchio as a launching pad, the 2023 release casts players as a Gothic version of the legendary puppet and cuts them loose in Krat, a city that has seen better days. Once a utopia, the metropolis turned into a hellscape when the puppets that once served humans turned against their masters, spreading widespread suffering across the city's streets. Deadly puppets are also not the only monsters that Pinocchio has to worry about.

Featuring fast-paced combat and a decent selection of weapons, Lies of P is a lot of fun to play, and it packs a considerable punch as well. The game does not offer the same level of customization or freedom as Elden Ring, opting to aim for quality rather than quantity and quantity; however, there are enough options to give players some wiggle room in how they approach scenarios. The game is also not an open-world, although exploration is possible to an extent.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Gorgeous Open-World & Accessible Hack And Slash Combat

Ghost of Tsushima
Platform(s) PS5, PS4, PC
Released July 17, 2020
Developer(s) Sucker Punch
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
  • Gorgeous World
  • Accessible & Fun Combat
  • Historical Setting
  • Very Easy Compared To Elden Ring
  • Story Is Fine

Elden Ring does an amazing job of making players feel as if it's them versus the world. Much of their journey is spent hacking and slashing their way through tough enemies and killer bosses, all for the chance to change and influence the lands around them. Ghost of Tsushima feels very much the same, putting players into the shoes of Jin Sakai as he tries his best to rid his world of a threatening presence, to bring peace back to the Island he calls home.

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Players are free to help shape what Jin Sakai becomes, walking a thin line between honor and dishonor as he wrestles with his own morals to help keep his people safe. Ghost of Tsushima's combat and story elements are top-tier, as is its expansive and engaging world.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Intense Medieval Simulator With Deep Combat System

Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Platform(s) Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One
Released February 13, 2018
Developer(s) Warhorse Studios
Genre(s) RPG
  • Realistic Medieval World
  • Steep Learning Curve For Combat
  • Immersive
  • Really Not Like Elden Ring In Terms Of Gameplay

Recommending Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes with a few caveats since it is a different beast than Elden Ring or most open-world experiences. Nevertheless, people who enjoy FromSoftware's demanding gameplay, rich worlds, and progression might get a kick out of Warhorse's ambitious RPG. Set during the 15th century, Kingdom Come follows the survivor of a village that was wiped out by an invading force. Craving revenge, players sign up to become soldiers, paving the way to a complex narrative that will determine the kingdom's heir and future.

Featuring a fairly big open-world that strives to be historically accurate and realistic, Kingdom Come moves at a grueling and slow pace, and players need to put in the work to grow familiar with not only the setting but also the combat. Rather than focus on classes, players develop skills through their actions, which involves training and also engaging in battle scenarios. Consequently, the game offers an impressive range of customization options since players are generally in charge of the direction they take their characters. Compared to Elden Ring, Kingdom Come focuses far more on story, characters, and dialogue, all of which are generally engaging despite being a bit dry at times.

Kingdoms Of Amalur

At Release, The Open-World Game With The Best Melee Combat

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
Platform(s) PS3, Switch, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One
Released February 7, 2012
Developer(s) Big Huge Games, 38 Studios
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Fun Hack And Slash Combat
  • Vibrant World
  • Dated

Although not a massive hit in 2012, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning gained a substantial enough cult following to safeguard its legacy. Eventually, this led to a remaster called Re-Reckoning, which even received its own expansion. Similar to Elden Ring, Amalur is an open-world game that prioritizes combat above everything else. Both games also support a range of build types, allowing players to customize their load-outs.

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Now, it should be said that Amalur's hack and slash combat is far less challenging than a Soulslike, and the mechanics have aged somewhat over the last decade. Nevertheless, the gameplay is fast-paced, flashy, and entertaining. Unlike Elden Ring's grim dark aesthetic, Amalur's world is refreshingly vibrant and colorful.

Lords Of The Fallen

The Soulslike Genre Tries On Unreal Engine 5

Lords of the Fallen (2023)
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC
Released October 13, 2023
Developer(s) HEXWORKS
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Dual Realm Concept
  • Epic-Scale Boss Fight
  • Co-Op Can Be Fun
  • Performance Issues At Times

Nowadays, 2014's Lords of the Fallen is difficult to recommend as there are just so many better Soulslikes on the market. Deck13's game was among the first to attempt to ape FromSoftware's gameplay style, and while the title got a few things right like its gorgeous visuals, the combat and boss fights did not quite click. Still, if someone does not mind jank, they might find LOTF's dark fantasy aesthetic charming.

In 2023, Hexworks produced a sequel/reboot that sought to revive the Lords of the Fallen brand. Outside its title and general genre, the new release has very little in common with its predecessor, and it takes advantage of nearly a decade's worth of improvements and fine-tuning in the Soulslike sphere. The result is a game that consistently flirts with greatness, although an argument could be made that the launch version fell short of reaching that grade. Still, LOTF is ambitious and genre-pushing, including the incorporation of a novel mechanic that allows players to swap between two planes of existence. While not an open-world like Elden Ring, LOTF's map is seamless, large, and stunning, the latter coming courtesy of Unreal Engine 5. The game also has plenty of loot and build options, so Elden Ring fans can look forward to trying out different weapons and classes.

Monster Hunter: World

Focus On Hunting Giant Monsters, With Some Exploration

Monster Hunter World
Platform(s) PS4, PC, Xbox One
Released January 26, 2018
Developer(s) Capcom
Genre(s) Action RPG
  • Weapon Types Provide So Much Variety
  • Co-Op
  • Endless Replayable
  • Monster Hunter Is Its Own Genre

One of the things that makes Elden Ring entertaining for some is its punishing boss difficulty. Players will find themselves fighting through hordes of enemies just to reach large arenas where they must carefully learn a boss' attacks and skills to combat them effectively. Those that much prefer the actual boss fights, and not all the fluff in between, should check out Monster Hunter: World. This impressive (and expansive, thanks to DLC content) adventure is a constant battle against massive monsters, giving players a chance to use a variety of weapons and armor to combat their foes.

There is a steep difficulty curve for some weapons, as players will need to learn how to effectively dodge the many attacks thrown at them from a variety of monsters. This is one of the best "boss gauntlet" style games, with some battles taking a long time to complete.

Remnant 2

Co-Op Soulslike Shooter With Varied Environments

Remnant 2
Platform(s) Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PC
Released July 25, 2023
Developer(s) Gunfire Games
Genre(s) Soulslike, Third-Person Shooter
  • One Of The Best Soulslike Co-Op Games
  • Class System Encourages Replays
  • More Viable For Solo Players Than The First Remnant
  • Third-Person Shooter, Which Obviously Sets It Well Apart From Elden Ring

Gunfire's Remnant: From the Ashes was and still is a breath of fresh air in the Soulslike subgenre. Tempting as it might be to dismiss it as "Dark Souls but now guns," the game brings enough new ideas to the plate to stand out as its own beast rather than just a long-range version of another property. That said, the 2019 release has a few growing pains that could only be healed by a sequel; fortunately, Remnant 2 accomplishes exactly that. Putting aside some launch issues that hampered the experience, the 2023 entry is superior to its predecessor in nearly every way, to the point that it might become difficult to recommend the original title in the future.

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Now, Remnant 2 is not a carbon copy of Elden Ring, and fans of the latter need to be prepared for a generally dissimilar experience. Naturally, Gunfire's project prioritizes gunplay over melee combat, although the latter still has a part to play. Rather than a large open-world, Remnant 2 is split into realms that are connected through a hub world, and the areas vary greatly from one another in terms of setting. Each realm comes with its own optional content too, so they are not linear corridors heading toward a boss fight. The campaign is intended to be replayed on higher difficulties, a process supported by the use of procedurally generated technology to provide some changes between playthroughs.

Remnant 2's class/archetype system provides a lot of wiggle room when it comes to build variety and customization, and these options feed beautifully into the addictive and satisfying combat. While not out of this world hard on its default level, Remnant 2's Nightmare setting will test even the most seasoned of Soulslike players, and that is not even the hardest available option.

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