Women's Day is right around the corner (March 8) and commercial chains are overflowing with gifts and collectibles that you can give the women in your life to make them feel special. But wait! Are women really seeking such commercial handouts and validations? Beyond the allure of sparkly tiaras and sashes, beyond the allure of chocolates and holiday packages, what women are seeking is perhaps, a tad bit more profound. In today's day and age, Women's Day perhaps seems a little gimmicky and in our series 'I Can Buy Myself Flowers, But...' we talk to women from the film fraternity - directors, actors, singers and more to find out what they really want Women's Day to be.

On Day 3, we exclusively caught up with young actress Pratibha Ranta, who made her film debut in Kiran Rao's latest offering Laapata Ladies that released in theatres on March 1. A satirical take on the Indian society where gender bias still prevails and women are often looked down upon as an afterthought, Pratibha gave a compelling performance of a young girl ready to break the shackles of patriarchy in her quest for identity. In conversation with us, Pratibha opened up on what on what she feels about Women's Day, women in contemporary times and what she would like to change in herself, being a young modern woman.

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Over to Pratibha Ranta...

I think society needs to accept the fact that women are equal to men. Hum abhi bhi ladki ko dekhte hai as someone inferior. Woh jo nazariya hai na ladkiyokon dekhne ka, I think woh change hona chahiye. Aaj ke time pe, I really see my guy friends struggling with their relationships. But women are more sorted, they are more evolved. It is the best time to be a woman. The opportunities women are getting are far better. If we talk of films, the kind of work women are doing – look at Kiran Rao, she has made such a beautiful film. Look at Alia Bhatt, look at the wonderful work she is doing. Women just need to gain a sense of self confidence. I do not think any man can put down a woman just on the basis of their gender anymore. Women are taking their stand, they are fulfilling their dreams. I think it is a beautiful world coming up out there for women. I see so much power around me when it comes to women. A woman can both take care of her family and the world outside.

Honestly, this is the golden time for women to blossom

While I am pretty strong, I think, I have realised, that if a situation crops up where someone, indirectly, makes me feel uncomfortable, if the man’s male gaze is wrong, I don’t know but I become afraid. I lose a little control over myself. Even I face such situations. I need to be a little less afraid, I need to learn to give it back then and there. It is something I am working on, to put my foot down, then and there.

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The 'I Can Buy Myself Flowers, But...' series, a Women's Day 2024 Special, brings you interesting insights of women from the film fraternity, where they share with us the answer to a simple question: What does Women's Day really mean to a woman? Of course, beyond discount coupons, free chocolates, spa deals, and other freebies, For, to borrow from the indomitable Grammy-winner Miley Cyrus, "I can buy myself flowers... I can take myself dancing... And I can hold my own hand... Paint my nails cherry red..." So what can this day really give us that we can't already get ourselves?

This 8-day series starts on March 1 and will conclude on March 8, 2024. Stay tuned to know what women want and what they have to say...

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