'Jawan', starring Shah Rukh Khan, is making waves at the box office. This action-packed blockbuster has already amassed over Rs. 576 crore in India alone. Internationally, the film has crossed the coveted Rs 1,000 crore mark within its third week of release. 

In celebration of this monumental achievement, Indian dairy brand Amul has paid tribute to the film with a creative and playful topical post. The post features the Amul mascot donning Shah Rukh Khan's iconic half-mask look from the film, while enjoying a slice of bread slathered with butter. The caption cleverly reads, "JaWan Thousand Crores," followed by "Atlee Butterly Delicious," a delightful play on words that incorporates the name of the film's director, Atlee.

Shah Rukh Khan's manager, Pooja Dadlani, shared the topical post on Instagram, expressing her gratitude to Amul India for the "awesome" artwork. 

Amul is known for its unique and creative ways of celebrating cinematic successes. Previously, they had created a special poster for Rajnikanth's film, "Jailer." The poster depicted cartoon versions of Rajnikanth and Tamannaah Bhatia, with a witty caption that read, "#Amul Topical: Movie 'JAILER's' box office success is unstoppable!"

'Jawan,' which released on September 7, 2023, boasts an impressive cast that includes Nayanthara, Deepika Padukone, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanya Malhotra, and Priyamani, among others. The film continues to captivate audiences worldwide, further solidifying Shah Rukh Khan's status as a global superstar.

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