Air India unveiled its latest brand track, featuring a fusion of India's classical tunes and global melodies, on Friday.

The Tata Group-owned airline said the track is a collaborative effort by Grammy-winning musician Shankar Mahadevan, renowned percussionist Taufiq Qureshi, and National Film Awardee Prasoon Joshi, in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London.

"Featuring a fusion of India's classical tunes and global melodies, this track reflects the sound of a bold, vibrant and confident India," Air India said.

"We wanted to create a melody that embodied the Indian spirit. We also wanted to capture a universality that brings people together. This musical odyssey accomplishes it expertly, and as the country's flag-bearer, we are proud to carry this to the world," Sunil Suresh, Head, Marketing, Air India, said.

Air India plans to gradually introduce variations of its sonic brand identity throughout the guest experience, beginning with digital platforms and promotional activities, extending to airport lounges, and even onboard with customised boarding music.

Moreover, Air India has initiated the implementation of its fresh global brand identity across various guest interactions.

This includes the introduction of a revamped consumer-oriented website and mobile application.

The airline has also debuted a fresh line of uniforms for cabin and cockpit crew, crafted by renowned Indian fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. Additionally, Air India has proudly introduced its inaugural Airbus A350 aircraft adorned with the updated livery.

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